Watch: SNL Does a Spot on Send-Up of Bishop Curry From the Royal Wedding

Kenan Thompson as the Right Rev. Bishop Michael CurryScreenshot: Saturday Night Live

Maybe it’s my political proclivities, but I have to say that this season of Saturday Night Live is the best they’ve had in years (partly bolstering my theory that the best art comes from darkness, so hip-hop should be back in about 5 minutes).

Not only do the writers and players tear Team Trump a new one each week, but they literally must be writing (and getting costumes) up until the moment they air—not an easy feat.

As such, SNL did two impressive covers of the royal wedding of Meghan Markle (does she not have a last name anymore?) and Prince Harry on Saturday and they were “spot on” as my British pals would say.

The biggest guffaw of the night was when longtime cast member Kenan Thompson did an impression of the black preacher who stole the royal wedding, bringing a word to St. George’s Chapel.


“Thank the Lord, it is good to be around black folks again,” Thompson cold opened to SNL News anchor Michael Che.

He added: “I preached and I testified and I yelled while 500 stuffy English people looked at me… It felt like somebody opened a chicken and waffles kiosk in the middle of a Pottery Barn”


And then, Thompson did his take on the “love is great” part of Curry’s sermon.

“Love is great. Love is redemptive. Love can change the world. And love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru,” Thompson said, barely holding in his laughter. “They told me I had five minutes, but the good Lord multiplied it into a cool 16.”

SNL be playing too much.

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