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10 more Black designers you should know and support

Ron Donovan Shoes and Accessories (Image source: Instagram – @rondonovancordwainer) I’m not sure what is going on in the European fashion world lately — whether it’s ignorance, or a lack of diversity, or sheer disrespect the culture that has caused several designer brands to create collections that feature blackface and other racially discriminatory styles. What […]

Burberry facing widespread backlash over ‘noose’ hoodie

Screenshot of Burberry hoodie designed with a drawstring in the shape of a noose (Image source: Instagram – @liz.kennedy_) Burberry has joined European designer brands Gucci and Prada in not only offending the Black community but also making suicide seem to look like a cool fashion statement. Over the weekend, Burberry debuted a hoodie with a […]

Amour Jayda and Lil Baby welcome their 1st child (photos)

Photo courtesy of Amour Jayda It’s official: hair mogul Amour Jayda and Atlanta rapper Lil Baby have something to major to celebrate. On Feb. 18, 2019, Jayda Cheaves and Dominique Jones welcomed their first child together. Cheaves, who was very open about sharing updates with her 1 million followers during her pregnancy, happily gave them a […]
Summerella releases a hot new music video

Summerella releases a hot new music video

Summerella (Photo Credit Quenton Rucker) When Vine was the platform of choice, Summerella took the internet by storm with her talents. She has amassed a strong social following of millions on Instagram and other social media platforms. The internet sensation went from making people laugh to pursuing a career as a singer, releasing her first EP, First Day […]

Keyshia Ka’oir flaunts new extravagent diamond ring

Keyshia Ka’oir (Photo Instagram @keyshiakaoir) When Marilyn Monroe said “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” she must have been whispering to Gucci Mane. The famous rapper, who is known for his lavish jewelry collection, never hesitates to ball out on his wife, Keyshia Ka’oir. This Valentine’s Day Gucci went above and beyond gifting his wife with […]