Lebron vs J.R. Smith: 10 savage memes roast Cavaliers player for losing NBA finals game

Lebron James and J.R. Smith thegrio.com

After the final seconds of the first NBA finals game featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriers, the internet is going undefeated for roasting a star player.

The Warriors pulled out a 124-114 overtime victory over the Cavaliers in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, but Cleveland fans can’t get over the final seconds of the game.

Tied at 107, Cavaliers guard George Hill was at the line with a chance to give his team the lead with 4.7 seconds to play. According to Bleacher Report, his shot came up short and bounced to Cleveland’s J.R. Smith…who ran the ball to midcourt thinking his team was ahead.

Needless to say Lebron James was NOT happy.

Golden State went on to kill Cleveland 17-7 in overtime, further amplifying Smith’s blunder. Cleveland Coach Tyronn Lue also said at the postgame conference that “he thought we were on up.”

And in the post-game interview, J.R. Smith tried to defend his fail. “I was trying to get enough to bring it out to get a shot off,” Smith said. “If I thought we were ahead, I’d have held onto the ball and let them foul me.”

Uh, no.

And the internet went in.

Was Lebron searching for a new player last night?

Some found some comic relief.

Even the Pusha T vs Drake beef got in on the action.

Can you really lose if you’re ahead in your own head?


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