Franceau Tha God conquers rap career despite being born with no vocal cords

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“When I didn’t have nobody to talk to, I talked to my mic, and I didn’t have to ask my mic if it heard me or not.” – Franceau Tha God

For some people, the disadvantages of life that they face seem more significant than the pitfalls may to others. Franceau Tha God is all too familiar with living with a substantial hindrance. The rapper was born with no vocal cords. Due to his disability, the Virginia native had a complicated social life, often being teased in school. Not speaking until he turned six, he found music was an outlet to help him find his voice that he struggled so many years to develop.

Check out the rapper’s exclusive interview below as he discusses his journey into a rap career, being compared to D.O.C., and being born with a physical disability.

Franceau Tha God battled to be accepted by the public throughout his adolescence. The rapper has had to learn how to be strong against all the odds.

“The biggest obstacle I had to face is being strong at my weakest point because you don’t have nobody else behind you to help you be strong,” Franceau Tha God said.

He adds, “I just wanted to be accepted. That’s how I got into music.”

Not taking anything for granted even after his tracheotomy surgery, the rapper believes that his story will tell one of hope and faith.

“It’s faith and hope in everything. Never take anything for granted. I feel like I was put here to give faith and hope,” he said.

Faith in a rap career led Franceau The God to make records such as “100 Times A Day” produced by TeeS’teez.

“TeeS’teez sent me the beat and said that he thinks I would be good on the song. I listened to the beat and just started rapping the lyrics,” revealed Franceau Tha God, who also recorded a song titled “Okay,” which was written while he was in custody for violating probation.

At this point in his life, Franceau Tha God decided that he wanted to take his music to the next level. The song had a significant impact on those who felt what he was going through.

“Two people hit me up in my DMs to tell me that the song stopped them from committing suicide,” he said.

The rapper mentions that instead of going to social media to express his feelings, he laid all of his emotions on the record, which resulted in helping several people get through their situation.

Artists like D.O.C. from N.W.A. inspired Franceau Tha God with his music by pushing him to never give up on his dreams.

In late 1989, D.O.C. was involved in a car accident which crushed his larynx. This incident changed his voice, ultimately leading him to write music for MCs such as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg instead of recording records.

“Being compared to D.O.C. doesn’t bother me. I use it to my advantage because I have my own style,” said Franceau Tha God.

Hoping that his music showcases him chasing a legacy instead of clout, the MC plans to release several records in the upcoming weeks and aims to record with artists such as Jacquees, Lil Baby, and T.I.

“I’m a big T.I. fan, and Lil Baby and Jacquees are creative. They’re not biting anybody,” he said.

A story of trials to triumphs, Franceau Tha God hopes to be signed to a record label by next year and take the music industry by storm with his unique sound.

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