Donald Glover’s SNL Migos Parody Was Skrrt-Skrrt Perfect  

Kenan Thompson, Donald Glover and Chris Redd portray the “Friendos” in therapy on SNL, May 5, 2018.Screenshot: SNL

It is only fitting that Donald Glover, in his first host-ship of Saturday Night Live do a hilarious send-up of the Migos, the group he brought to a lot of folks’ attention when he won a 2017 Golden Globe for Atlanta.

In the four-minute skit, the other two black guys on SNL (save Michael Che, who only does the news), Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd, join Glover to make up the rising rap trio, as they work out their ego kinks with a psychologist, Dr. Angela (Cicely Strong.)

The good doctor told the molasses-tongued ATLiens to use “I” statements when expressing their hurts and more than held her own when Redd (Offset?) got a little too hip-hop with her.

The chubby one (Takeoff?), the ad-libber, also spoke about often feels like he’ll be ignored if he doesn’t stay in his echolalia-lane (“Lambo!”) There were breakthroughs, emotional conflicts resolved, and meaningful connections as the “Friendos” worked it out in therapy.

All jokes aside, though, more negus need to get into therapy A$AP Rocky (who coincidentally made a cameo at the end of the video).


This Kanye one was pretty funny too: