Aoc Obama on his song ‘Do It Again’ and his life after being shot

Photo source: Instagram – @aocobama

Aoc Obama is a man of the people and his music is a call to action motivating people to keep pushing. The native Ohio artist is now living in the mecca of music — Atlanta. We spoke to him recently about his music and his life after surviving an attempt on his life.

Talk about your journey. What motivated you to get into this rap game?

It was time to take a different path striving for bigger bags. I knew I would always be a star in some way shape or form and I got a major story to tell. I’m a Boss in my hood and in my city so I figured once I moved out my city it was time to let the  world to see it

While I was researching you, I came across your song “Do It Again.” What does that song mean to you? Why is it important for people to hear it?

I want people to know and understand that any time you get knocked down or set back that you should remain focused, keep grinding toward your goals until they [are] achieved and once they [are] achieved to get to the next goal and “Do It Again.” I wanted it to be one of the songs that motivate a person to get up, start [their] day off. Grinding whether it’s to work, school or the streets. It gives off that type of energy.

How has being shot affected your view on life?
Man, I look at everything different. The word “trust” went out the window. I move a lot different because I’m too valuable to too many people to get [taken] out the game or tricked off the streets over simple things.

What projects are you working on now?
Obamacare 3 my mixtape is on the way [and] it’s got some hard hitters in the game on there. I’m all over the country working, putting my heart and soul into it. I’m touching the streets. 

What words of encouragement do you have for those following their dreams?

Stay down don’t let [anybody] discourage you from what you believe in. Don’t ever settle and always believe in yourself even when no one else does. You can always turn a hater into a fan.

Check out Aoc Obama’s video for “Do It Again” below