Our mission is to provide content distribution services for independent creators from all over the globe.  Our goal is to provide our audience with the best possible entertainment in the form of digital content that is engaging, entertaining, educational, and inspiring.

Indie Central Radio is the main stage for breaking new music, artist promotion, news, politics, and a broad variety of media entertainment. We are an Independent Artist driven station. Artists on our station are proactive in their own success. We are a licensed broadcaster and pay royalties for all PRO registered music we play.

Our program spectrum is designed for the “on the go” social networking fan, as well as the “heard it first” music lover.

Indie Central Magazine is an Indie Industry charged digital magazine infused with Black Culture. The magazine will cover topics on entertainment, fashion, tech, community, and politics. Our goal is not only to entertain but to also to educate and inform our people.  Our format allows for both static and streaming, which creates a more interactive and media-rich environment for our readers and advertisers.

Indie Central TV is an independent television network featuring the hottest Independent Artists, original series segments, fashion, news and gossip from all over the world. Our platform is focused on providing independent shows, films, and labels and artists from all over the world the opportunity to gain global exposure and reach new fans via our network.

If you would like to submit your music video or original web show for consideration, please visit our Contact page.