Aaron Limonthas, senior diversity manager at Adidas offers tips for success

Aaron Limonthas (Photo credit: Ryan Skutt)

Aaron Limonthas is one of the brightest and most creative up and comers in the corporate diversity space. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and a first-generation American with Haitian and Cuban roots.

As a leader in diversity at Adidas, his impact spans from influencing corporate spending in the nonprofit sector to partnering with some of the biggest names in technology, politics, sports, and entertainment to help marginalized communities. Through his success in business, he has received acclaim for his leadership and ongoing commitment. We spoke with Limonthas about the ins and outs of diversity at Adidas.

What is your role at the company?

I am the senior diversity manager for the Adidas brand and all subsidiaries, including Reebok. This means I focus on the creation and execution of our diversity and inclusion strategy across North America.

How important is diversity to you? 

We all have biases and blind spots. Diversity is key in overcoming them, so we can
perform better. In our personal lives, diversity is our friend [in terms of] what we consume and what we’re exposed to. In the workplace, it’s the inclusion of all races, genders, orientations, ages, abilities, and experiences. It all works together to enhance

How do you acknowledge differences among consumers with different backgrounds?

You acknowledge through “FUBU.� “For Us, By Us.� People want ownership in
whatever is created for them. Provide the seat at the table, hush up, and listen to
the audience. The top brands of the future will be the ones that empower the
consumer to influence creation.

What are your departmental objectives and how do you create them?

My department’s objective is to use sports and culture to champion equity, service,
and sustainability. We ensure [that] everything our brand creates aligns with our beliefs.
This is achieved by creating a culture of equality internally and externally, providing platforms to empower change-makers worldwide.

What role does technology play in your business life?

Technology is key to reducing those risks and making better-informed decisions.
However, I understand that much of the world still does not have access to
technology. As consumers, we have to hold corporations responsible for helping
create change and providing access to opportunities for our most underserved

How do you approach business challenges?

No matter the stakes, no matter the challenge, always focus on the people. Every
decision one makes has to be what is best for the people. If the decision is rooted in
doing right by your people, it will prove to be the right choice.

What are three keys to your success?

God is the key to success. When you operate in God’s will, success is the only

Treat every assignment like it matters. From getting coffee and answering calls, to
presenting in front of the CEO; your determination and attention to detail shouldn’t change.

There is no such thing as self-made. We all need help, so don’t ever be too proud to
ask for help.

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