5 reasons to love the all-new 2019 Chevy Traverse Premier

premier-traversePhoto courtesy of Chevrolet

The all-new 2019 Chevy Traverse Premier isn’t just a higher package, it’s the full package.

Chevrolet has transcendent the American auto industry for more than a century with no signs of slowing down. Everything from their award-winning muscle-cars and trucks has managed to carry the brand into what we know it as today, but that’s all about to change.

With the rise in demand for SUV’s and crossover’s Chevrolet has answered the call with the 2019 Chevy Traverse Premier. This vehicle isn’t just the perfect blend of performance and style, it’s the benchmark for today’s SUV.

Dominance is an understatement when it comes to the all-new Chevy Traverse, and we have the benefits to prove it.

premier-traversePhoto courtesy of Chevrolet

The root of all engines.

If the 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo didn’t get you excited in the traverse’s standard model, maybe the premiers 3.6L V6 will. This engine comes standard with the Premier package and pushes up to 310 horsepower with 266 lb-ft of torque.

premier-traversePhoto courtesy of Chevrolet

Premier Features.

Deep tinted glass with black shadow badging is just the begging of this vehicles custom design. The Traverse Premier comes standard with the 20-inch metallic aluminum wheels, dual moonroof, and eight-inch infotainment system accompanied by a Bose premium sound system.

premier-traversePhoto courtesy of Chevrolet

Interior Beauty.

Chevy has made it a point maximize every inch of space when it comes to the new Traverse Premier. Both the first and second rows of the vehicle provide spacious captain seating with enough room in the rear to fit three passengers and luggage.

premier-traversePhoto courtesy of Chevrolet


Teen driver? No problem. The Premier package comes standard with Chevy’s all-new Teen driver feature to help today’s youth focus on the road, rather than their phones. Features such as Apple Car play and Android Auto are also standard on this new model.


The Traverse is a perfect buy for a stylish third-row SUV starting at $46,495. This big body can handle any driver whether your commute is solo or full of passengers. If you’re not into the bells and whistles, the Traverse can also suit your budget needs with a standard model just under $30,000.

premier-traversePhoto courtesy of Chevrolet

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